Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fix-it Friday - A Wonky Cross-over Top

Today's Fix-it Friday is about correcting this wonky cross-over top - spot the fault:

I found this top last year at The Paper Bag Princess for $5, and thought it had good wardrobe potential if I just fixed the drag lines.  Today it finally meets it's fate!

I pinned out the drag lines - well, as best as I could:

The Plan
I unpicked the offending area and pinned things in place, then tried it on again to check:

This photo better shows how much I am taking out:

Then I sewed it up again!  Ta-dah:

It wasn't really that simple!  The first time I stitched it together you could see some of the undyed area (this top was dyed post-make), so I had to unpick and resew.  I must have made a little hole while unpicking so then had to unpick and adjust the top bit slightly to cover the hole.  Then I noticed the horizontal rib was uneven - arrgh - I had to sew it a total of four times!!

Anyway, it is done now.  And like all Fix-it Fridays so far, it feels good to have done it!


  1. For $5 it is worth the little hassles you had to end up with a great top...

  2. Awesome fix! I forgot it was Friday and time to fix something. Berrr... ;) I'll try next week. :)

  3. Great fix! And only 5$?? Wowww!We don't have that prices here in sad!
    Anyway, a fantastic top Sherry!

  4. Congratulations
    In the end all was well!

  5. Boy, I need to do things like this with some of my vintage clothing. I have a 40's dress that could use this kind of repair. The shirt is great. Nice job!

  6. Oh wow, you did well on that one.. I have a couple of unwearables sitting around that need fixing up...em they can wait a little longer while I procrastinate on your blog. XD


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