Thursday, July 1, 2010

~twist and shout: another 60's dress~

Is it just me, or has anyone else done this?!:

I varied from my usual assembly method and followed the pattern instructions - and ended up in a right twist!

Normally inserting the zip is one of first things I do, and if I had it would have been difficult to make this mistake.  But in this 60's shift dress the instructions tell you to insert the zip once the dress is almost fully assembled.  Now this is something I don't recommend for these reasons:
  • it is easier to get a neat result while your pieces are still flat and relatively unattached, especially if you are using a topstitched insertion method.
  • It is quicker, and involves less double-handling, if you insert the zip before your facing.  See how I have to go back and finish the neck edge, when I could have done it in one action instead?
And now of course there is this reason:
  • you might end up in a twist, and swear shout, like I did...


  1. That's frustrating! I had those twist moments few times, and I felt so angry. I guess there's no seamstress that likes ripping off the seams... Looking forward to seeing the completed garment. Your clothes is always a pleasure to see.

  2. Your photo made me smile - so I'm not the only one that loses concentration and lands up having to rip a seam every now and then!

  3. Oops! Yep, I've done either that exact thing or something similar. I'm teaching a young teenager to sew, and I tell her that EVERY mistake she can think of, I've done over the years. She has yet to stump me. I shouldn't be proud of that.

  4. I love your wonderful blog and I love 60'-patterns and I love the way you sew so exactly! And I love New Zealand, been there once many years ago with my dad and my bycicle!

    And I love the brown dress from a few posts ago, it is not boring at all, it is very elegant, and suits you very well !!!

    I am blogging since a few days, but only in German so far..

  5. moments like that make me love my seam ripper!that's a beautiful blue you're using.

  6. oh thank you for the hilarious picture all nice and formal on the dress form :) When I do that sort of thing, it is in a ball on the floor where I have flung it.

  7. Oh I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who does things like this when putting a garment together! My mistakes usually end up being thrown against a wall while I scream words that would make a sailor blush!

  8. Ohh nooooo!! I've done that, and variations on that, plenty of times. Usually after a very late night of sewing into the early morning... At least it's not irreversible!

  9. I did it last week on a sample fit garment. Thank god it was not the actual fabric. Actually it took me a while to figure out what blunder i made. Now zipper first and then the seams is a golden rule i follow.


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